One-Ingredient Whey Protein Powder

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Each tub comes with a free 8-page booklet featuring exclusive recipes created by Anna Sward, author of the Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook 

Our new premium whey protein powder has absolutely NOTHING added to it. It's plain and it's simple! Like all good nutrition should be. The powder is perfect for making all kinds of delicious healthy foods! It is also:

✓ Perfect for Cooking, Baking, and Making Raw Protein Snacks
✓ Made with Hormone-Free Milk from European Primarily Grass-Fed* Cows
✓ Gluten-Free Certified & Suitable for Coeliacs
✓ Free of artificial flavours

✓ Free of artificial sweeteners
✓ Soy-Free
✓ Lecithin-Free

Our whey protein powder is also uninstantised. What does that mean? It means that, unlike the majority of other whey protein powders in the market, our whey protein powder doesn't contain any lecithin. Why not? Because, when it comes to cooking and making raw protein snacks, you really don't need instantiated protein powders. In other words, you don't need protein powders with lecithin added in. Lecithin - an emulsifier - is added to turn your protein into an easy-to-drink shake. But it is a totally superfluous ingredient when it comes to making food or fruit-based smoothies. 
What can you do with our whey protein powder? You can:

✓ Add a couple of tbsps to your protein smoothies
✓ Add it to your morning porridge

✓ Use it to make protein cheesecakes
✓ Whip it up into our delicious and dare we say life-changing Protein Pow Fluff!

*The milk our whey is made from comes from cows whose feed is primarily comprised of grass at pasture & silage (conserved grass). To balance the nutritional, health & welfare demands of the cows, however, the cows may also occasionally forage on complete feed rations. Other companies whose cows forage the exact same way as ours go ahead and claim full grass-fed status. We were told we could too. But we feel that this is misleading to the end-consumer who, we believe, should know that complementing grass with other nutrition-dense sources of nutrition is beneficial for the health and welfare of the cows. 

Whey Protein Pow Nutritional Information:

Only One Natural Ingredient

✓ Uninstantised Whey Protein

Per 100g - Energy 1658KJ/392Kcal, Fat 7g of which Saturates 3g, Carbohydrate 4g of which Sugar 4g, Fibre 0g, Protein 82g, Salt 0.015g.

Per 30g Serving - 497KJ, 117Kcal, Fat 2.1g of which Saturates 0.9g, Carbohydrate 1g of which Sugar 1g, Fibre 0g, Protein 25g, Salt 0.045g.