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Embroidered Protein Pow Apron

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Our 100% cotton embroidered Protein Pow aprons are, probably, the most powerful aprons to ever exist.

They're strong, sturdy, and designed for the cooking superhero within you. The aprons are black, beautifully embroidered, and have a single pocket on the front so you can store your epic spatulas, dark chocolate bars, your phone, or whatever it is that you need to set your cooking ablaze (figuratively speaking, of course). 

Hope you guys like the aprons as much as we do and that they give you, as they do us, all the confidence you need to step into the world of protein cooking not with doubt but with a mighty loud and hella tremendous ka-POW

1. Take the apron out of the plastic bag it comes in.

2. Put on the apron when you're ready to start cooking. Or whenever you feel like wearing an apron really!* To put on the apron, just stick your head inside the top loop and tie the side straps either in front of you or behind (for greatest pocket accessibility, we recommend tying it behind you).

Like all aprons, our aprons are designed to protect your clothes from stains, spillage and/or related kitchen threats that will undoubtedly befall your clothing.

Making Protein Fluff, for instance, often involves what some call "flying fruit" and/or "fluff everywhere." Our Protein Pow aprons will protect you from this: just put on the apron, make your fluff, take off the apron, and sit down to enjoy your freshly-made and delicious fluffy delight.

3. Once you finish cooking, remove the apron and, ideally, hang it. Feel free to mobilize a superhero voice at this stage and add "until next time, baby!"

*While we strongly recommend that the apron be worn on top of clothing, the aprons are equally suitable for those who prefer to cook au naturelle.


Please don't put the on top of an open flame as it WILL catch on fire. In the unlikely scenario that the apron catches on fire, please take it off and run to fetch a fire extinguisher.

Please don't slice, cut, dice, or cube your apron. What would the purpose of that be, you know?

Please keep your apron away from pets/wild animals who may eat it as the apron is not suitable for animal consumption.

The apron is not water-repellent so please don't wear it under the rain. If your kitchen alarm comes on and, with it, a sprinkling of water, please leave the kitchen and take the apron with you.
We don't recommend that the apron be consumed. It's only suitable for wearing.

We are unsure as to the nutritional composition of cotton and/or of the dyes used to colour the apron black.

We are also unsure as to what the nutritional makeup of the thread used to embroider our apron are.

Again, the apron (as well as the embroidering and stitching materials) are not suitable for human - or animal - consumption.